New vinyl re-releases from Cowboy Junkies now available

Cowboy Junkies just announced a limited quantity of the newly released vinyl re-issues of The Caution Horses, Black Eyed Man and Pale Sun, Crescent Moon. These releases are all audiophile quality, remastered by the band and Peter Moore. Each album is spread across two discs for optimum sound quality, pressed on 180gm vinyl, and in gatefold sleeves with enhanced artwork. Also restocked is the audiophile vinyl re-release of The Trinity Session and the Trinity Revisited CD/DVD, as well as The Kennedy Suite. You’ll also find vinyl and CD copies of All That Reckoning. http://https//

Soul Of The Machine- Windham Hill Records

Soul Of The Machine- A Windham Hill sampler LP of New Electronic Music.

I found this mint vinyl copy at Half Price Books for a buck. The high quality sound and vinyl pressing sounds clear, dynamic and well balanced with a nice lower bass register, all typical attributes of recordings from Windham Hill Records. Soul Of The Machine was first released 31 years ago in 1987 and on the back of the album jacket they remind us that this release is "available on CD and BASF chrome cassette". This release is a collection of various keyboard and electronic artists so if you like this style of music be sure to pick up a copy for yourself. if you stumble across a vinyl version pick it up for sure or, maybe youI can find it on CD...or, cassette. 5 Stars.

Onkyo earns ‘Works with Sonos’ certification

Onkyo is the latest partner to join the Sonos-certified integration program.  Simply put, if you own a compatible Onkyo, Integra, Pioneer or Pioneer Elite network receiver, plus a Sonos Connect, you’ll be able to have the two work together seamlessly.  When you open the Sonos app, hit ‘play’ on the zone where the Connect is, it will automatically turn on the receiver, switch the input and start playing the music you selected.

A free firmware update will go out on June 6th.  To learn more or see what receivers are compatible (shared June 6th), please check out this link.

Record Store Day 2018

Mark your calendar. The 2018 edition of National Record Day is April 21st. You can access the RSD website here, type in your zip code and find out which specialty music retailers in your area will be participating. As in past years, there will be many special editions, re-releases, remixes, outtakes and fun album artwork.

New album release by Emily Hurd

Emily Hurd's new album, Backbone, is out now. Emily has been hard at work, completely gutting and building her new restaurant, The Norwegian. Kids, career, family and countless remodeling 'issues' have slowed progress in opening The Norwegian. However Emily has learned a lot about herself and developed an even stronger backbone. You can purchase her new album here

Emily was also recently interviewed by Jason Todd and Alex Gary at Thinker Ventures podcast studio in downtown Rockford, IL. Have a listen as Emily talks about life, family, and her music. Click on this link to stream from the Thinker website. Or listen to it on the Apple and Android podcast stores. Enjoy.

Grado headphones

I've been asked by several people lately to recommend headphones under $100 for home listening. I recommend any models from Grado Labs. They perform well, look good and their open air design allows for a much better, airier sound.

Forget, earbuds. They are crap. Get a cool set of cans from Grado Labs...another benefit- the company is based in New York and they still manufacturer their products there. Family owned for decades and some of their higher end headphones are still built by hand. 

You gotta love their retro look too. 🎧