Finetune your Sonos Playbar with Trueplay

Just a reminder– you can now use Trueplay speaker tuning to make your movies and games sound even more amazing.
Be sure to installed Sonos' 7.0 software update.  

The new version of Trueplay analyzes where your PLAYBAR sits in relation to your favorite viewing spot. Then it adjusts the timing, EQ and loudness of all nine of your PLAYBAR’s internal speakers to make sure the sound reaches your ears at the right instant and volume. 

A Trueplay-tuned PLAYBAR will make your movies and TV shows feel more immersive and intense. All you need is the latest Sonos 7.0 update, an iPhone or iPad, and about three minutes to spare.

Don’t have a Sonos system or a Sonos Playbar? Call me to discuss how best to add Sonos in your home.


Sonos Trueplay for Playbar, Sub and theater

Hi everyone-

Many of you will have noticed another update from Sonos. This update now allows their TruePlay feature to acoustically set up your Playbar, Sub and, if you have them, your Sonos surround speakers. TruePlay allows you to equalize your Sonos speakers to the acoustics of your room. TruePlay can make an amazing difference in the sound of your Sonos system. Just apply the update on your phone, iPad, Tablet, etc and follow their easy instructions.

Check this out: The latest Sonos firmware update brings Trueplay support to all of its speakers 

Good listening!


Deezer and Sonos

I love Deezer. While driving this morning in my new (to me) used '09 Honda Element I heard an old song by Three Dog Night. Once home I opened the Sonos app on my phone, selected Deezer and searched Three Dog Night. Up popped all of their albums on my Sonos app. I selected Seven Separate Fools.

Now reliving fun music from my musical past. All for the price of one CD a month. Well worth it.

More subwoofers at Lucha Cantina!

Joshua asked us to add two more ceiling subwoofers in his restaurant- Lucha Cantina at Edgebrook Shopping Center in Rockford. We added two JBL Pro subs to the existing system that we installed back in 2014. Visit them sometime- they serve great food and drinks.

By the way- I'm a bit tipsy when it comes to heights so Rich did most of the hard work up in the ceiling. Great job, Rich!

Coming soon: the Sonos SUB in white

The Sonos SUB (subwoofer) will soon be available in white. Add a white (or black) sub to your existing Sonos system. We are taking orders for October shipments. For previous Hear More Music customers we will deliver and set up at no charge. Contact us to place your order. Thanks!

Sonos 3-room installation special

Enjoy three rooms filled with music for only $999.00 plus tax includes delivery and installation our selling area.

Included are (1) Sonos Boost and (3) Sonos Play:3 powered loudspeakers. We can order your in either black or white colors.

This is perfect for beginning a whole-house music system OR this same system can be added to an existing Sonos system too.

For a limited time so don't delay.  Give me a call or send me an email if you would like to purchase a system for your home.  815.877.6832 /

Sonos Alarm Information

Sure, music's a great way to greet each morning, but there's a whole day's worth of things you can do with Sonos Alarms.
Like rise and shine to different songs or playlists on different days. (P-Funk Fridays, anyone?)
Set up TuneIn radio to deliver your favorite news, weather or local NPR broadcast while you make your morning joe.
Entertain the pooch while you're away.
Have Beyoncé greet you as you arrive home from work.
Send the kid's off to bed with their favorite song. 
Wake your better half on their birthday with that frisky song they love.
To set a Sonos alarm:
On your Sonos app, tap the Menu, upper left. 
Scroll to Alarms. 
Select New Alarm. 
Set the Time, Room, Music, Frequency and Volume. 
Tap Done.