Coming soon: the Sonos SUB in white

The Sonos SUB (subwoofer) will soon be available in white. Add a white (or black) sub to your existing Sonos system. We are taking orders for October shipments. For previous Hear More Music customers we will deliver and set up at no charge. Contact us to place your order. Thanks!

Sonos 3-room installation special

Enjoy three rooms filled with music for only $999.00 plus tax includes delivery and installation our selling area.

Included are (1) Sonos Boost and (3) Sonos Play:3 powered loudspeakers. We can order your in either black or white colors.

This is perfect for beginning a whole-house music system OR this same system can be added to an existing Sonos system too.

For a limited time so don't delay.  Give me a call or send me an email if you would like to purchase a system for your home.  815.877.6832 /

Sonos Alarm Information

Sure, music's a great way to greet each morning, but there's a whole day's worth of things you can do with Sonos Alarms.
Like rise and shine to different songs or playlists on different days. (P-Funk Fridays, anyone?)
Set up TuneIn radio to deliver your favorite news, weather or local NPR broadcast while you make your morning joe.
Entertain the pooch while you're away.
Have Beyoncé greet you as you arrive home from work.
Send the kid's off to bed with their favorite song. 
Wake your better half on their birthday with that frisky song they love.
To set a Sonos alarm:
On your Sonos app, tap the Menu, upper left. 
Scroll to Alarms. 
Select New Alarm. 
Set the Time, Room, Music, Frequency and Volume. 
Tap Done.

Seura outdoor television

This Spring we installed a 65" Seura television on the back outside wall of this home. Seura outdoor televisions are true weather resistant products and can withstand snow, sleet, rain and hot sun. Good for temps of -30 to 130 degrees! A true high end product. In this application the Seura's audio is tied into their Sonos system which includes two complete outdoor audio zones. For the outdoor audio we installed Paradigm's 'rock speakers.

Nest Thermostat, Nest Cam and Nest Protect

We completed an install yesterday complete with the Nest smart thermostat, a Nest wifi camera and three Nest Protect smoke/Co2 detectors. Control them manually or from your smartphone and tablet.

Interested in going 'smart' with your HVAC? Give us a call or send us an email. 815.877.6832.

The Rides

Wow. I stumbled upon this album today and I'm listening to Can't Get Enough today. It reads like a super group- Stephen Stills, Kenny Wayne Shepard and Barry Goldberg make up The Rides. Mix in some Chicago style blues, rock and stellar jamming and songwriting and it equals a rock 'n roll album with emotion. It feels like hearing that new album that rocked you when you were younger. Their version of Rockin' in the Free World is, well, rockin'.  Can't Get Enough in is stores now and their upcoming album Pierce-Arrow will be out soon.  Catch them on tour- it 'sounds' like it will be a great show.

-Doug Campbell.Hear & Now.March 2016.

Hear More Music LLC

Millions of albums at your fingertips via Deezer Elite and Sonos

Hi everyone-

Many of you have purchased a Sonos system from us so we thought you might be interested in hearing about Deezer Elite, a great music service to pair with your purchase. Deezer has done a fantastic job designing a music service for the home and here’s why:

Best Sound Quality- While services like Spotify and Pandora stream in standard digital formats such as MP3 and AAC, Deezer Elite streams in much higher quality FLAC (16-bit/44.1 kHz) and is currently the best sound quality available on Sonos. FLAC is CD quality sound performance- no substandard MP3 or AAC. Imagine millions of songs and albums available to stream in CD quality in any room or outdoor zone in your home!

Unmatched Music Library- With over 40 million tracks in their FLAC format, Deezer has the largest music library among the streaming services.

Seamless Sonos Integration- Deezer’s integration with Sonos lets you easily play a single song for the whole house or a different song for each room. Full albums too!

Great Playlists-  Deezer’s Editors create great playlists intended for use cases in the home. You can also create your own.

In addition to the above, you can also access Deezer’s mobile app and listen to your music anywhere and anytime, all for the same price as standard streaming services.If you’re interested in learning more or signing up, please follow the link below and enjoy a free trial.

Free trial subscription link -------->

Vinyl is back! Add a turntable to your Sonos System

Vinyl is back!

Many people still have vinyl records that they no longer play and some of that great music is still not available on CD or todays streaming music services.  If it is older music from the 50s and earlier it may never have made it to CD.  Vinyl is back- both older artist's albums and today's new music is available so why not add a quality turntable to your Sonos system? Fun!

VinylPlay turntables gives music fans a best-of-both-worlds solution: an excellent record player that's easy to use and can be simply integrated into a modern streaming system such as Sonos.  VinylPlay's integrated analogue-to-digital converter and phono amp makes it simple to connect up to a wide range of modern music systems. For example, you can plug it straight into active/powered speakers to create an instant system. VinylPlay also works with conventional hi-fi and AV systems and if you want to enjoy your records in every room, you can easily connect it into a SONOS system. VinylPlay can be connected directly to the SONOS PLAY:5 speaker, or into a SONOS CONNECT/CONNECT AMP, and onto any speaker on the network!  Enjoy your vinyl records in any Sonos room or zone!  Unlike inferior 'USB' turntables that can damage precious records, VinylPlay uses high-quality components, which also means better-quality sound. VinylPlay is a true hi-fi product - precision made in the UK - but with none of the fiddle or fuss of 'audiophile' turntables. VinylPlay is easy to use - a quick-start guide on the platter will have you set up in seconds; you're only minutes away from music when you open the box! Its sleek, monochrome design - which matches the black and white of SONOS speakers - is kept protected and clean by VinylPlay 's clear, hinged lid. VinylPlay is brought to you by Flexson, the British specialist in high-quality accessories for SONOS.

  • Looks good, sounds great
  • Set up in seconds; enjoy music in minutes
  • Just add powered speakers for instant music system
  • Pair with SONOS (directly into a PLAY; 5, or via CONNECT/CONNECT AMP) to stream records around your house
  • Make back-up, digital copies of precious records
  • Sleek monochrome styling with protective lid
  • Plays singles and albums; 33 & 45rpm speed
  • Just $599. Can be special ordered in either black or white.
  • Free delivery and set up in the Hear More Music service area!