Millions of albums at your fingertips via Deezer Elite and Sonos

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Many of you have purchased a Sonos system from us so we thought you might be interested in hearing about Deezer Elite, a great music service to pair with your purchase. Deezer has done a fantastic job designing a music service for the home and here’s why:

Best Sound Quality- While services like Spotify and Pandora stream in standard digital formats such as MP3 and AAC, Deezer Elite streams in much higher quality FLAC (16-bit/44.1 kHz) and is currently the best sound quality available on Sonos. FLAC is CD quality sound performance- no substandard MP3 or AAC. Imagine millions of songs and albums available to stream in CD quality in any room or outdoor zone in your home!

Unmatched Music Library- With over 40 million tracks in their FLAC format, Deezer has the largest music library among the streaming services.

Seamless Sonos Integration- Deezer’s integration with Sonos lets you easily play a single song for the whole house or a different song for each room. Full albums too!

Great Playlists-  Deezer’s Editors create great playlists intended for use cases in the home. You can also create your own.

In addition to the above, you can also access Deezer’s mobile app and listen to your music anywhere and anytime, all for the same price as standard streaming services.If you’re interested in learning more or signing up, please follow the link below and enjoy a free trial.

Free trial subscription link -------->


Vinyl is back! Add a turntable to your Sonos System

Vinyl is back!

Many people still have vinyl records that they no longer play and some of that great music is still not available on CD or todays streaming music services.  If it is older music from the 50s and earlier it may never have made it to CD.  Vinyl is back- both older artist's albums and today's new music is available so why not add a quality turntable to your Sonos system? Fun!

VinylPlay turntables gives music fans a best-of-both-worlds solution: an excellent record player that's easy to use and can be simply integrated into a modern streaming system such as Sonos.  VinylPlay's integrated analogue-to-digital converter and phono amp makes it simple to connect up to a wide range of modern music systems. For example, you can plug it straight into active/powered speakers to create an instant system. VinylPlay also works with conventional hi-fi and AV systems and if you want to enjoy your records in every room, you can easily connect it into a SONOS system. VinylPlay can be connected directly to the SONOS PLAY:5 speaker, or into a SONOS CONNECT/CONNECT AMP, and onto any speaker on the network!  Enjoy your vinyl records in any Sonos room or zone!  Unlike inferior 'USB' turntables that can damage precious records, VinylPlay uses high-quality components, which also means better-quality sound. VinylPlay is a true hi-fi product - precision made in the UK - but with none of the fiddle or fuss of 'audiophile' turntables. VinylPlay is easy to use - a quick-start guide on the platter will have you set up in seconds; you're only minutes away from music when you open the box! Its sleek, monochrome design - which matches the black and white of SONOS speakers - is kept protected and clean by VinylPlay 's clear, hinged lid. VinylPlay is brought to you by Flexson, the British specialist in high-quality accessories for SONOS.

  • Looks good, sounds great
  • Set up in seconds; enjoy music in minutes
  • Just add powered speakers for instant music system
  • Pair with SONOS (directly into a PLAY; 5, or via CONNECT/CONNECT AMP) to stream records around your house
  • Make back-up, digital copies of precious records
  • Sleek monochrome styling with protective lid
  • Plays singles and albums; 33 & 45rpm speed
  • Just $599. Can be special ordered in either black or white.
  • Free delivery and set up in the Hear More Music service area!


The new Sonos PLAY:5 is available

The original Play:5 has been replaced by a new, upgraded PLAY:5. It sounds so much better than the original with more internal power and speaker drivers. It also incorporates Sonos' new Truplay technology- use your iPhone to equalize the PLAY:5 to the room acoustics. Stunning sound plus you can use two of the new PLAY:5 as a left and right stereo pair for a fantastic stereo experience.

We have them in stock and ready for local delivery.


Doug @ Hear More Music LLC  815.877.6832


Apple Music is now available on Sonos

First came MOG. Beats Music replaced MOG...

Now- Apple purchased BEATS several months ago and have replaced it with Apple Music.  Apple Music is now available in near CD quality sound on your Sonos system.  Visit the app store and update your Sonos app.  Apple Music will appear as another available music source in the 'Add Music Services' menu.  Like it's predecessors Apple Music is a monthly subscription service with a free initial trial.




Axpona Audio Show- Chicago (Registration news)

If you haven't attended the Axpona Audio Show in Rosemont, IL you've been missing out.

High-end audio, headphones, amplifiers, speakers, CDs and vinyl for sale. Meet manufacturers and factory reps. If you love audio and music you should attend this show. Plus our vendors Paradigm, Anthem, Sonos, Audioengine, Grado headphones, Technics and more will be on display!

*You can still take advantage of early registration until 1/31/16.

Schedule of events and schedule  >>>> 


Doug @ Hear More Music LLC


Improve the sound and look of your Sonos Play:1 speaker!

We have been selling accessories that are manufactured specifically for Sonos for some time now.

Have a Play:1 Sonos speaker that is sitting on a shelf, desktop or (shudder) on the floor?  Add one of these cool stands to not only make your Play:1 look better but also to improve it's sound quality.  Placing the speaker on a stand decouples it away from the shelf or floor that it is setting on.  The result is clearer sound and much greater clarity in the vocals and midrange area of the sound and open up the sound performance of these little gems. Even AM talk radio sounds much better when using these stands. If you stream music from your music library, Deezer, Pandora, etc the improved performance is amazing.

If you are interested in adding these to your Play:1 give our office a call at 815.877.6832 or email us at Previous customers will have my cell number and are welcome to call me personally or text me.


Doug @ Hear More Music LLC


Sonos TruPlay- EQ your Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5

Sonos has released a new room equalization technology for fine-tuning their stand-alone Play:1, Play:3 and Play:5 powered speakers. This coincides with the recent release of their brand new Play:5.  You can use your iOS device's microphone and the Sonos app to tune these speakers to play at their best audio quality. See this Sonos video that explains the technology and how to use it.

The new higher-powered Play:5 offers improved sound quality, more internal speaker drivers and an updated box design.


Sonos stand-alone speakers can be used as stereo pairs? Rather than listening to one speaker you can add a second, creating a true stereo sound experience in your room. Add a Sonos SUBwoofer for serious deep bass that also improves the sound of your main speakers.

Feel free to call or email if you have questions- or if you'd like to order a system for your home.


Doug at Hear More Music LLC



Luxul networking components win big at Consumer Electronics Show 2016

Earlier this week at the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas Luxul was awarded honors for their network components. We are proud to offer sales, installation and programming of these fine products.  As people add more streaming, wifi and connected products in their homes the network becomes of even higher priority. Just as a solid foundation is needed to build a proper structure, quality networking products are now the foundation of our internet-connected homes.

If you wish to learn more about Luxul and how we can integrate their technology into your home to offer reliable connected and wifi service feel free to call or email us.  Congratulations to Luxul!


Sonos Update: Apple iOS6 users

This news just released by Sonos regarding people using Apple devices as controllers-


Hear More Music LLC

From Sonos- We're sending out a software update tomorrow. If you're no longer running iOS6 on the iPhone or iPad you use with your Sonos, you'll be good to go. However, if you're still controlling your system with a device that's running iOS6, here are a few changes you should be aware of. 

What won't change: The way you play music. Browse your library and music services. Group rooms. Adjust and mute your volume. 

What you'll no longer be able to do: Set up a new Sonos system. Add new players to your current system. Change your system settings. Add or remove music services. Adjust the EQ. 

Not sure which iOS version you're running? Let's find out

If you're currently on iOS6, now would be a great time to upgrade. You can also find links to the latest version of the Sonos Controller app for any compatible device on

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact your installing dealer or

Residential network and wifi quality gaining importance

During our audio/video system installations the past several years we have been convinced of the importance of a quality internet network.  Like in many businesses today the home's internet network is now the backbone of the home.  This is especially true of one's wireless network and the many devices that now rely on it.

Five years ago there were generally a handful of wifi devices in use at home- a laptop, an iPad and a smartphone. Now, in addition to everyone in the house with a smartphone there are multiple laptops, iPads, Kindles, iPods, Roku, Apple TV, 'smart' televisions, lighting, audio, video (see a trend here?) on the wifi. The old $49 router from your local superstore just can't keep up with all of the internet and wifi traffic anymore.  This decreases the reliability when you want to stream music, youtube, etc.

In 2013 we began selling and installing a high end network product from Ruckus and Access Networks for clients who need a more reliable internet experience. We have now expanded that by adding a second supplier, Luxul, a company that offers a major performance upgrade over the old traditional router.  Luxul offers commercial-grade gigabit routers, switches and wifi access points (even outdoor access points!) that offer fast and reliable service for those who want such performance.

If you have questions regarding the addition of Luxul, Ruckus or Access Networks networking components for your home or commercial business please give us a call or drop us an email.  815.877.6832 /