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Sonos SUB now available for audition

Finally the Sonos SUB is here.  Visit our sound.gallery at J.R. Kortman Center for Design at 107 N. Main Street in downtown ROCKford to audition the subwoofer.  We currently have it available to hear with an number of main left and right stereo speakers including the Sonos Play:3s and Paradigm Atoms, MillineaOnes and Mini-monitors.



The Sonos SUB is almost here.

The new Sonos SUB subwoofer will be shipping mid-June.  Call us to schedule a demo at our showroom or in your home with other Sonos components.

Click here to see the Sonos SUB promo video



  • Fills any room with deep, clear HiFi sound
  • Wireless, one-button setup
  • Seamlessly integrates with the Sonos System
  • Two force-cancelling speakers positioned face-to-face offer deep sound with zero cabinet buzz or rattle
  • Place it anywhere in the room—even lying flat under a couch
  • Works with all Sonos amplified components including ZP120; ZP100; CONNECT:AMP; S5; PLAY:5; PLAY:3.

LaunchPort for iPad

LaunchPort consists of three parts:
• PowerShuttle hard case with inductive charging for iPad 2
• BaseStation table top mounting and charging station for the PowerShuttle
• WallStation wall mounting and charging station for the PowerShuttle
The PowerShuttle attaches to the BaseStation and WallStation using extremely strong neodymium magnets; which provide a very secure mounting solution, even if accidentally bumped or knocked. Because these magnets are located on the PowerShuttle, iPad 2 can be mounted to any metallic surface, allowing users to utilize their iPad 2 in more places than ever before.
The LaunchPort inductive charging system starts working as soon as the PowerShuttle is docked onto either the WallStation or BaseStation. This means users will no longer need to contend with plugging in cables whenever they want to recharge their iPad 2; simply place it on a Station and walk away.
The BaseStation and WallStation provide iPad 2 users with a “home base” for their iPad 2 when they are not using it in their home and the convenience of knowing that it will always be charged when needed.
The BaseStation and WallStation also allow a user to rotate their iPad 2 through a full 360 degrees into landscape or portrait mode while mounted. The BaseStation has been designed at the perfect operating angle to make typing and page browsing comfortable and user-friendly.
The PowerShuttle provides an ergonomic feel to iPad 2 with handgrips on either side and features an acoustic wave-guide that passively amplifies and redirects iPad 2’s rear facing speaker towards the user.
The PowerShuttle includes a mini USB port to allow charging from the supplied iPad power adapter when a LaunchPort Station is not available. The mini USB port can also be used for wired syncing with iTunes, if desired.
The PowerShuttle is available in a gloss white or soft touch black finish, while the WallStation is supplied in a flat white finish with paintable bezel to allow it to blend into the wall. The BaseStation sports a brushed extruded aluminum and black finish.

Sonos SUB coming to hear.more.music.

Mid-June we will have the brand new subwoofer from Sonos, the SUB.  This promises to be a unique looking and great sounding product.  We will have the SUB on display for your listening pleasure, paired with the Sonos Play:3 dual stereo loudspeakers, inside our downtown Sound Gallery.

The Sonos SUB may be used with any Sonos amplified component including the Play:3, Play:5, S5, Connect:Amp and ZP120.